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Double Deal IGNIGHT

Double Deal IGNIGHT (4 Bottles)


IGNIGHT is an appealing supplement innovation designed to increase and extend your weight loss through the day and for the first time ever, weight loss through the night.

Multiple Benefits:

IGNIGHT Day formulation comprises a wonderful variety of six organic fat burning herbs that increase your resting, exercising and post exercise metabolic rate; stimulating thermogenesis and fat burning. The formula is a natural appetite suppressant, reducing the desire to eat. Further actions include inhibiting the fat producing enzyme, Citrate Lyase. The Day formula will enhance athletic performance, increase awareness and reduce mental and physical fatigue.. Note: IGNIGHT Day herbal formula will absorb slowly and gradually to produce a long effect. Even caffeine sensitive people can try IGNIGHT.

Day Capsules Dosing:

Take 1-2 capsules once or twice a day. 30 minutes prior to exercise or at the beginning of breakfast and/or lunch.

Day Formulation Ingredients:

Each gelatin capsule contains 600 GMS of organically grown Cayenne, Ginger, Kola Nut, Guarana, White Willow Bark and Garcinia cambogia.


IGNIGHT users can gain an additional benefit by stacking a non-stimulant fat burner such as DURATHON or XANABOL. By using both stimulant and non-stimulant metabolic pathways that fat can be burnt you have covered every possible weight loss base! Note: If you are like me, I need a routine. Therefore I find it easiest to take 2 x Day IGNIGHT with breakfast, 2 x DURATHON with lunch and 2 x Night IGNIGHT with dinner. This way I never forget I should have 2 capsules when I sit down at these meals!


IGNIGHT is privately hand-made by herbalists. These capsules are not mass or machine produced. Not only is IGNIGHT a high quality supplement product, IGNIGHT is 100% herbal content – nothing but the six herbs listed in each capsule is inside.


Multiple Benefits:

IGNIGHT Night formulation has two highly specific functions. Firstly to heal, support and invigorate the body’s lymph system. By cleansing, decongesting and maximising lymphatic drainage your body can effectively filter and transport fluid, toxins and cellular debris effecting an environment for weight loss while you lay asleep. Secondly, IGNIGHT heals and revives your thyroid function - this IGNIGHT ‘counter-balance’ enables you to once again get a positive effect and increased thyroid production in response to daytime stimulant intake. Note: the nourishing and healing effects of the IGNIGHT organic herbs are the direct benefit – weight loss is actually its beneficiary side effect from healed and healthier organs! The Night herbal formulation will also assist and aid in weight loss by acting as a natural fat metaboliser, appetite suppression and sugar absorption blocker at night and enhance your sleep.

Night Capsules Dosing:

Take 1-2 capsules once or twice a day. At the beginning of dinner or the meal prior to bed. Capsules can be pulled apart and the organic herbs added to food or protein shakes.

Night Formulation Ingredients:

Each capsule contains 600 GMS of organically grown Scullcap, Dulse, Licorice root, Coleus forskohlii and Gymnema sylvestris

The genius behind IGNIGHT is understanding most of us are addicted to making one huge weight loss mistake - using caffeine and fast absorbing chemical stimulants by the truck load. It’s hard not to as they are loaded in every thermogenic, weight loss and pre-workout supplement we take - notwithstanding our unheralded love for coffee. But this path leads to a dead end with traditional herbalists compare using stimulants to energise yourself into activity, like using a whip to encourage a dead horse. Our stimulant receptor sites quickly become saturated and shut down absorption; continuing the intake to give ourselves ‘energy to burn’ actually results in zero weight loss and adrenal exhaustion. By taking IGNIGHT night formula you can help your body recover and optimise its response to stimulants.