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One each of the following three (3) Essential Supplements

Durathon + Xanabol + SUPERFOOD DAILY

Durathon is the must try natural agent for fat metabolism. Durathon consists of a Chinese herb, ciwujia (pronounced su-wah-ja), a potent Asian herb which transfers your body's energy source from carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism - burn more fat calories. You can experience significant body fat loss. Moreover, the carbohydrate sparing benefit will improve physical and mental duration. Sufferers of fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) have stated excellent results from using Durathon due to slowing lactic acid build up which causes muscle soreness and physical fatigue.

Increase the amount of fat burnt during activity. Utilization rate of 3% can increase to 46%. Significant body fat loss. Reduce, as much as 33%, lactic acid build up. Increase anaerobic threshold by up to 12 percent. Protect the heart. Beneficial to suffers of fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Extend the duration of mental concentration.

A strong Aussie dollar has improved the price of importing herbs and now DURATHON Australia’s Non-Stimulant Fat Metaboliser is even better value! Durathon is a Asian herb, ciwujia, that shifts your body’s energy from carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism, increasing fat metabolism by a whooping 43%. Durathon is not a stimulant and is safe to use for drug tested athletes.

DURATHON might Reshape Your Life when used in conjunction with sound eating habits and regular exercise.

DURATHON is a non-stimulant agent recommended for fat metabolism. DURATHON consists of an adaptogenic Asian herb, Ciwujia (pronounced sir/woo/g/har) at a potency that transfers your body’s energy source from carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism. Increasing fat metabolism with DURATHON has a carbohydrate sparing benefit. Try DURATHON with a sound diet and exercise plan to assist in burning unwanted stores of body fat.

DURATHON is an adaptogenic “stress-response” herb. The term adaptogen was coined by the Russian scientist Lazarev in 1947 to describe substances that increase the body's non-specific resistance to stress. According to Lazarev, an adaptogen is an agent that allows the organism to counter adverse physical, chemical or biological stressors by raising non-specific resistance towards such stress, thus allowing the organism to 'adapt' to the stressful circumstances. As such the greater the physical stress or stricter the diet, DURATHON helps you keep up, assisting dieters to stick to their exercise/eating plan.

DURATHON's fat metabolism properties, the body uses less sugar/carbohydrate and more fat. A carbohydrate sparing action prevents blood-sugar levels dropping as rapidly. This component reduces sugar/carbohydrate cravings and greatly eases the stress of low calorie or low carbohydrate diets.

DURATHON is different from most weight loss or fat metabolizing supplements as it is does not contain any stimulant or thermogenic agent. Stimulant compounds are numerous, including ephedrine, caffeine, yerba mate, bitter orange, synephrine, citrus aurantium, green tea, kola nut, white willow bark and guarana.

DURATHON is not a stimulant, meaning the same dose will continue to be effective every day. You do not need to 'cycle' or cease taking DURATHON.

DURATHON was designed by an Australian authority on drugs in sports, drug testing and drug deterrence. Furthermore, to ensure our customers have a maximum sense of confidence in our product, DURATHON was tested by an independent and IOC approved laboratory, the Australian Government Analytical Laboratory (AGAL). DURATHON received a clean bill of health from AGAL and enables us to legally provide our customers a written guarantee our product is “free of impurities and prohibited substances”.

DURATHON's WEIGHT LOSS PROPERTIES: Increase the amount of fat burnt during activity. Fat Utilization rate of 3% can increase to 46%. Reduce lactic acid build up by as much as 33% Fat metabolism increases total energy.

DIRECTIONS: For fat metabolism, take two 600-mg capsules of DURATHON daily. Take DURATHON one hour before exercising. On days you do not exercise, take DURATHON first thing in the morning. DURATHON can be taken with either fluid or food, without interfering with absorption.

The World's first anabolic fat burner! The ultimate physical transformation supplementation technology. Xanabol is an encapsulated copy of the anabolic formulated Ayurvedic medicine used in place of (western) anabolic steroids in Ayurvedic hospitals throughout India.

The anabolic effect contributes to increased nitrogen metabolism and retention, increase muscle weight and faster muscle repair. In addition, Xanabol includes remarkable fat burning properties.

Xanabol unique herbs tonify the hormonal system, increase muscular strength and size and burn fat. Xanabol is recommended and safe to use by drug-tested athletes.

SUPERFOOD DAILY unites the world's most powerful SUPERFOODS blended with enhanced vegetable compounds to create a vitally important supplement containing meaningful levels of nutrients to nourish, protect, restore, defend and optimise the body and its functionality across a broad health spectrum.

SUPERFOOD DAILY was developed privately without commercial intention to provide a personal health shield and insurance - with an elite nutritional coverage for enhancing daily productivity and wellness. After six years of selected personal use its word of mouth recommendation now sees SUPERFOOD DAILY available.

Importantly no aspect of the formula or manufacturing process was allowed to be changed. SUPERFOOD DAILY is the only encapsulated product of its kind on the market, where the contents contains no filler whatsoever (usually added as lubricants for machines to operate faster) and only organic whole superfoods are used.

SUPERFOOD DAILY deliveries an infusion of health to your body to assist it against all forms of attack we subject our body to, whether that is stress living, work, or even exercise levels tearing our body down or the way we eat and live in a modern world of preservatives and pollutants accumulating in the body forming an increasing aggressive opponent against well-being as we age.