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The fat metabolism of Durathon consists of a Chinese herb, ciwujia (pronounced su-wah-ja)
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Durathon 3 Pack - Durathon is the must try natural agent for fat metabolism. Durathon consists of a Chinese herb, ciwujia (pronounced su-wah-ja), a potent Asian herb which transfers your body's energy source from carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism - burn more fat calories. You can experience significant body fat loss. Moreover, the carbohydrate sparing benefit will improve physical and mental duration. Sufferers of fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) have stated excellent results from using Durathon due to slowing lactic acid build up which causes muscle soreness and physical fatigue.
Xanabol & Superfood Guardian Daily are just Sensational
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INBA Australia Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness Model & Bikini Model Competitions supplied by Diet Chalenge.

These are two exceptional new label designs recently released by Diet Challenge, the labels reflect the quality products. We think you'll agree the IGNIGHT new label images are a ripper.
IGNIGHT Day & NIGHT Weight Loss
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IGNIGHT Night & Day Weight Loss is an appealing innovation in weight loss supplementation designed to increase and extend your weight loss through the day and for the first time ever, weight loss through the night. IGNIGHT consists of two differently formulated weight loss capsules for maximum effect when you are sleeping [NIGHT weight loss capsules] and active [DAY weight loss capsules].

Multiple Benefits:
IGNIGHT Night formulation has two highly specific functions. Firstly to heal, support and invigorate the body’s lymph system.  By cleansing, decongesting and maximising lymphatic drainage your body can effectively filter and transport fluid, toxins and cellular debris effecting an environment for weight loss while you lay asleep. Secondly, IGNIGHT heals and revives your thyroid function - this IGNIGHT ‘counter-balance’ enables you to once again get a positive effect and increased thyroid production in response to daytime stimulant intake. Note: the nourishing and healing effects of the IGNIGHT organic herbs are the direct benefit – weight loss is actually its beneficiary side effect from healed and healthier organs! The Night herbal formulation will also assist and aid in weight loss by acting as a natural fat metaboliser, appetite suppression and sugar absorption blocker at night and enhance your sleep.
Night Capsules Dosing:
Take 1-2 capsules once or twice a day.  At the beginning of dinner or the meal prior to bed. Capsules can be pulled apart and the organic herbs added to food or protein shakes.
Night Formulation Ingredients: 
Each capsule contains 600 GMS of organically grown Scullcap, Dulse, Licorice root, Coleus Forskohlii and Gymnema Sylvestris
The genius behind IGNIGHT is understanding most of us are using caffeine and fast absorbing chemical stimulants by the truck load. It’s hard not to as they are loaded in every thermogenic, weight loss and pre-workout supplement we take - notwithstanding our unheralded love for coffee. But this path leads to a dead end with traditional herbalists compare using stimulants to energise yourself into activity, like using a whip to encourage a dead horse. Our stimulant receptor sites quickly become saturated and shut down absorption; continuing the intake to give ourselves ‘energy to burn’ actually results in zero weight loss and adrenal exhaustion. By taking IGNIGHT night formula you can help your body recover and optimise its response to stimulants.

Multiple Benefits:
IGNIGHT Day formulation comprises a wonderful variety of six organic fat burning herbs that increase your resting, exercising and post exercise metabolic rate; stimulating thermogenesis and fat burning. The formula is a natural appetite suppressant, reducing the desire to eat. Further actions include inhibiting the fat producing enzyme, Citrate Lyase. The Day formula will enhance athletic performance, increase awareness and reduce mental and physical fatigue. Note: IGNIGHT Day herbal formula will absorb slowly and gradually to produce a long effect. Even caffeine sensitive people can try IGNIGHT.
Day Capsules Dosing:
Take 1-2 capsules once or twice a day. 30 minutes prior to exercise or at the beginning of breakfast and/or lunch.
Day Formulation Ingredients: 
Each gelatine capsule contains 600 GMS of organically grown Cayenne, Ginger, Kola Nut, Guarana, White Willow Bark and Garcinia cambogia.

IGNIGHT users can gain an additional benefit by stacking a non-stimulant fat burner such as DURATHON or XANABOL. By using both stimulant and non-stimulant metabolic pathways that fat can be burnt you have covered every possible weight loss base! Note: If you are like me, I need a routine. Therefore I find it easiest to take 2 x Day IGNIGHT with breakfast, 2 x DURATHON with lunch and 2 x Night IGNIGHT with dinner. This way I never forget I should have 2 capsules when I sit down at these meals!

IGNIGHT is privately hand-made by herbalists. These capsules are not mass or machine produced. Not only is IGNIGHT a high quality supplement product, IGNIGHT is 100% herbal content – nothing but the six herbs listed in each capsule are inside - you will not get this purity with machine produced capsules.

The Diet Challenge under the auspices of the International Natural Bodybuilding Association of Australia (INBA) are pleased to be able to deliver this 24 hour Day and Night Weight Loss formulation to you in 2 bottles for the one very low introductory price of $49.95. Available via secure purchase at the Diet Challenge and INBA Australia online stores. 

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Rose Black the DIET CHALLENGE Champion
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Rose Black has taken the bodybuilding scene by storm after taking up the sport two years

Rose Black has taken the bodybuilding scene by storm after taking up the sport two years ago. Pic: Rose Black Facebook Source: Supplied

OATS, protein and LOTS of dead lifts — that’s what it takes to get a body like this.

Rose Black is a world champion bodybuilder who recently claimed the 2014 International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) Pro Physique Champion in San Diego in November.

It’s the latest in a string of titles she’s scooped in the last year including the Southern Cross Championship’s Ms Figure award, the Australian Championship title and a first place at an international event in Slovakia which allowed her to compete as a pro in the US.

And the 33-year-old public servant who trains at Dubbo RSL does it all the hard way — with no drugs, free weights and a diet that would make most hardened men want to weep.

“I was petrified on my first stage,” she told

“The bikinis are quite small, the heels as well. I was petrified I was going to fall over or something was going to pop out that shouldn’t … but I just loved every second of it.

“I’m a different person up there. It’s about presenting a really confident, graceful package. I like to present as a feminine, strong woman.”

The 33-year-old public servant from Dubbo said for her the training is a “joy” and the di

The 33-year-old public servant from Dubbo said for her the training is a “joy” and the diet is the hard part. Pic: Rose Black Facebook Source: Supplied. Rose is advised by Ken Ross from FLEXR6 on strategic career moves.   

She’s not a household name, but Rose Black has scooped a series of titles since taking up

She’s not a household name, but Rose Black has scooped a series of titles since taking up bodybuilding two years ago. Source: Supplied

It’s a remarkable rise for someone who took up the sport just two years ago after a shoulder injury meant she was forced to spend time in the gym for rehabilitation. A pair of trainers spotted her in group classes and the rest is history.

“I’m no stranger to training at competitive or athletic levels. As an adult I’ve always kept up with training ... But I only picked up a weight two years ago and started taking weights seriously.”

“Prior to that believed that I’ve believed the myths that if you lift weights you get big ... I’m a tall girl and have quite big shoulders, big swimmers legs as well and thought I don’t want to get any bigger,” she said.

Rose pictured pre-competition. Pic: Rose Black Facebook

Rose pictured pre-competition. Pic: Rose Black Facebook Source: Supplied

And at the event. Pic: Rose Black Facebook.

And at the event. Pic: Rose Black Facebook. Source: Supplied

Despite her initial skeptisim, she said the training has actually made her smaller than she was before and much, much stronger. For her, the gruelling gym sessions are the easy part, with the diet much tougher to swallow.

“The training for me is a joy. I love that, I find it the easiest part. It’s my stress reliever, it’s my outlet. The hardest part is diet. I wouldn’t call it a diet, it’s a nutrition plan,” she said.

In the 12 weeks before a competition she sticks to a strict high-protein, low-carbohydrate schedule with “carb cycling” to give her energy and keep her body guessing.

She said the worst part is the social side where you can’t just open a wine or reach for the Cadbury’s after a tough day.

“It is hard socially. I have been to weddings where I’ve had to take my pre-packaged food and I can’t drink alcohol as it affects your liver … You just realised all of these social events focus around food and drinking — especially in Australia!”

In the Dubbo RSL where she trains. Pic: Rose Black Facebook

In the Dubbo RSL where she trains. Pic: Rose Black Facebook Source: Supplied

Instead, it’s portions of fish and broccoli in the handbag and a “massive” grocery bill to account for the amount of protein and supplements she takes.

A typical day includes oats for breakfast with water and protein powder, along with some psyllium husk or chia seeds for fibre plus Beetroot Organic Powder. This is followed by another six or seven meals made up of roughly 150 grams of protein and green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and spinach. Durathon from the Diet Challenge has been a huge part of Roses success as she takes them daily to stay lean, the fat burners are highly efficient and economical.

Barramundi, chicken and kangaroo are also a “big feature” while high carb days include a bigger portion of oats for breakfast, sweet potato baked with turmeric or as chips as well as bananas, blueberries and brown rice.

“I shudder when I think of how much money I’m spending. It would have to be around $300 (per week) on my food alone,” she said.

There are also two training sessions a day for between 45 to 90 minutes each in the Dubbo RSL — which she shares with retirees — using old-school free weights that suit her best.

“I’m in awe of them. Seeing people in their 70s who are still quite active. It’s inspirational to me. I love the old-school equipment at the RSL.

“They also have older-style machines they fit my body better. I love it, I’ll never change gyms,” she said.

Barramundi with green veg looks great, but could you eat it seven times a day, every day?

Barramundi with green veg looks great, but could you eat it seven times a day, every day? Chris McKeen Source: News Corp Australia

Ms Black competes in the natural bodybuilding scene where athletes are strictly drug-free.

“I’ve been tested at my last three competitions because I’ve improved so quickly, they’re like ‘we better test her’ and it’s all ASADA testing,” she said.

“A lot of people criticise that everybody is not tested but the fact that it’s random and the fact that it’s tested before every show is a pretty strong deterrent.”

“We’re very strong advocates of being natural and being able to do it naturally.”

She said the scene is growing every year with up to 40 women competing in each category. Before going on stage athletes will use bands to pump up their muscles and get blood flowing through their veins. They also bulk up on carbs on the day of competition to fill out muscles and create the ideal look — wide shoulders with round caps, a tiny waist and quads that flare out in an “X” frame.

“You pump up really hard, squeeze everything. That’s what the posing is, creating an illusion of being really big up top with a little waist.”

Once on stage, it’s all about showing off the individual muscle groups in a series of poses and others to showcase “symmetry”. There’s also a view “you can never be dark enough” with a deep tan the norm for all competitors.

What it takes to get a body like this

The all-important posing is about getting a perfect ‘X’ shape. Pic: Rose Black Facebook Source: Supplied

Ms Black said despite how strong they might look, the biggest misconception is that the athletes are enormous and it’s hard to hear people say they would “never want to be that big.”

“It’s really hurtful. It’s like saying ‘you’re a bit overweight, I don’t like your body.’ It’s a confronting thing to hear. When they see you in person they’re shocked. They don’t understand posing is designed to make you look as big as possible on the day. In general, we’re quite feminine …. there’s nothing wrong with being a strong feminine woman.”

For now, she is sticking to her day job as a public servant and toying with the idea of taking her sport full time. But not before a well-earned rest before coming back to defend her championship next year.

For the rest of us inspired to lift a weight or two, Ms Black said there is one thing everyone should try: Deadlifts.

“It’s called the king of exercise … It basically works everything,” she said.

“It’s a functional movement and a compound. it brings everything into play.”

Follow Rose Black on Facebook here

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Durathon Summer 6 Pack released by Diet Challenge
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The amazing recent boost in sales of Durathon has caused us to expand our range to include a Summer 6 Pack option, naturally we have reduced the price to coincide with the new 6 pack which is ready to ship immediately.

No you can purchase the best selling Diet Challenge product DURATHON in three different quantities to suit every budget. We still sell single bottles, our popular 3 pack and now the highly economical summer 6 pack. Naturally, the more you buy the cheaper the price, that's the way most things work in life and we are no different, we will reward you. Essentially when you pay for 5 your get the 6th bottle absolutely free!

That's the Diet Challenge way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, some who have been with us many years as repeat customers. Unlike some businesses, the larger we grow and the more prosperous we become the lower the price is to you, we will never forget our customer base and this is our way of saying thank you.

You can purchase the new Durathon Summer6 Pack between now and Christmas here

Also available from the INBA Online Store here


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